What does it take to build a Petaverse ?

Max Stöckl
Bilal El Alamy
May 6, 2022

For this first-ever episode, Bilal El Alamy received his very good friend and ex-school camrade Max Stöckl, CEO and cofounder @Dogamí.

It happened that Maximilian and Bilal, they co-founded Dogamí, which is this revisited Tamagotchi or Nintendogs with NFTs and augmented reality. And so Bilal decided to invite him so that they can share this safe space. They'll be discussing about his childhood and what inspired him. They'll try to understand who are his mentors and what drives his inspiration.

In the second part of the podcast, They'll deep dive more into the offering of Dogamí to its community. And Max will share with us some insights around this community, the growth and the objectives for the end of the Year. And then they'll finish with some routines where they will discuss some news of the week and Bilal asking some funny question to Max to see how he reacts.