Blockchainizing games with Jerome de Tychey, CEO of Cometh

Jerome de Tychey
Bilal El Alamy
May 19, 2022

For this second episode, Bilal received Jerome de Tychey, CEO of Cometh, a blockchain game development studio which just raised $10 million in a funding round to develop future games and blockchain software. They discussed all kind of topics with Jerome, and Bilal is always super impressed how knowledgeable he is both on sciences and pop-culture topics. Listen to this episode will give wings to those who secretly nurture a web3 project into such a sweet spot where collide Sci-Fi, Gaming, Tech, Physics and Economics all together.

They talk about lots of differents subjects: From the city he grew up in Eastern France to his passion for video gaming and e-sport. From Physics to Economics : how physics primitives help him modelizing growth, statistics, and econometrics for his projects. Why blockchain is a true passion and also about Cometh games : what are they ? About Cometh games : what are blockchain primitives behind them and where does they take their inspiration in other classic games ? Jerome vision of economics from Aristotle to Play-To-Own. Best advice ever if you plan to launch something in web3. His daily routines. And of course, the "if-you-had-super-power-question"!