The B2B approach in Web 3 with Séraphie de Tracy, Co-founder of Cohort

Séraphie de Tracy
Bilal El Alamy
December 23, 2022

During this podcast, Bilal El Alamy (co-founder of PyratzLabs) had the chance to chat with Séraphie de Tracy (CEO and co-founder of Cohort).During this conversation, we learn about Cohort as well as the entrepreneurial spirit which drives the Web 3 eco-system.Cohort is a SaaS solution that makes the NFT technology accessible to all brands with a heavy focus on simplicity and user journey. "Cohort is a web 3 digital engagement and ecommerce solution for brands and businesses", says Séraphie de Tracy.

Seraphie graduated from a top business school and became familiar with blockchain during her time at Stratumn, one of France first blockchain startup, where she crossed paths with Nicolas Julia, Sorare co-founder. In this podcast, we learn more about her background but also about her CEO routine: "At the end of each day, I reflect on my day and I ask myself if I said "no" enough over that particular day" . A very interesting point of view, which is shared by Bilal as well : "being a good entrepreneur is also knowing how to close doors". An amazing duo for a great podcast that will make you want to be an entrepreneur in the web 3!