From crypto trading to blockchain GTM : an OG story, with Pierre Laurent, cofounder at Atka

Pierre Laurent
Bilal El Alamy
May 26, 2022

For this third episode, Bilal received Pierre Laurent, cofounder of Atka, a fund and advisory company for blockchain projects. He is both a true french OG and one of the best blockchain expert in France. From his journey from crypto early-days with Gatecoin to blockchain advisoring, They've cover some great epic web3 topics!

We talked about: Where Pierre does come from ? From Gatecoin Origin to Atka running, How do you know if you cofounders are the good ones, Atka services for blockchain builders, About the bear market and Luna episode, Stack of cool newsletter to read, ppl to follow, Daily routines, Thoughts about stable coins!

Some great readings shared :

The Defiant



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