The desire to always win to entrepreneurship with Clément Tequi, Co-Founder of Ternoa

Bilal El Alamy
Clément Tequi
January 13, 2023

In this new podcast, you will discover the great entrepreneur Clément Tequi. He tells us about his childhood in the south of France, his first discovery of blockchain but also his current life as co-founder of Ternoa and CEO of Capsule corp. Alongside Bilal El Almay (co-founder of PyratzLabs), Clément talks about the difficulties of being an entrepreneur in the Web 3 ecosystem, how to manage a team that is located in the four corners of the world or how he managed to find a balance between personal and professional life.

Throughout this interview, we also discover Ternoa, the vision through this blockchain and its uses. Contrary to the current NFT market, whose functioning is very close to that of the art market, based on a scarcity value, Clément thinks that NFTs will have more and more a utilitarian value, and will be used in the development of gaming, entertainment and metavers. Ternoa is positioned as an actor who will enable this transition. Based on his entrepreneurial experience, he shares his thoughts and his daily life with us.