Web3 Builders Meetup #13 - VC x Wine Bottle Club

Cécile Tréboit
Nathalie Yang
Julien Bouteloup
Olivier Martret
March 21, 2023

In this replay, you'll get to experience the exclusive VC roundtable on investment in Web3, featuring industry experts such as Cécile Tréboit from Earlybird, Julien Bouteloup from Stake Capital, Nathalie Yang from Lbank Labs, and Olivier Martret from Serena VC. Discover their insights and perspectives on the investment criteria of VC in the Web3 space.

You'll also get to hear a lightning talk on Wine Bottle Club and InterCellar by Louis Bonnecaze, where he shares innovative approaches to fine wine distribution and how they're leveraging NFTs, bottle tasting, VIP club membership, and Metaverse immersion to revolutionize the luxury wine industry.

If you're a Web3 founder or investor interested in the latest trends and insights in the industry, this replay is a must-watch! Don't miss out on the knowledge, connections, and good vibes from this exciting VC Special Edition PBWS side event. Watch now and stay ahead in the Web3 space! 🚀🍷