Exploring Web 3 & NFTs events : An Interview with Côme Prost Bouclé, Organizer of NFT Paris

Bilal El Alamy
Côme Prost Bouclé
April 14, 2023

Welcome to a special episode of the PyratzLabs podcast! Join Bilal El alamy, co-founder of PyratzLabs, as he interviews Côme Prost Bouclé, an influential figure in the Web 3 space and the organizer of NFT Paris. In this engaging conversation, Côme shares insights from his childhood, upbringing, and education, revealing how he entered the world of Web 3 and entrepreneurship. He also discusses the origins of NFT Paris, the value proposition of the event, and the involvement of big brands. The conversation touches on various aspects of Web 3, including the technical, cultural, and community aspects, as well as growth tactics for scaling up an event. Côme also shares his experiences, successes, and mistakes, and provides valuable insights on learning and improvement. Don't miss this intriguing interview filled with valuable perspectives from the world of Web 3 and NFTs!