From music industry to empowering web3 artists, with Adrien Ohannessian, founder @Renaissance

Adrien Ohannessian
Bilal El Alamy
September 26, 2022

For this episode, Bilal received Ohannessian, founder @Renaissance, a web3 digital studio for creators and brands Adrien has an impressive track record in music industry, label and music majors. He is also a true web3 builder who empowers trully web3 music artists. Pyratz team really enjoy recording this podcast with Adrien because he really opened both his professional and personal journey Enjoy !

We talked about, His childwood, first mentor and people inspired him, his professional background and what leads him to Renaissance, How does he empower the artist to weave powerfull and meaningfull relationships with his community fan base? But also about the founder’s track : his entrepreneurial journey as web3 founder, something he would have done differently. A super organized founder he inspired him : Jean-Charles Samuelian, founder of Alan, people and media he follows & more!

Some great readings shared

Book : Healthy Business: Culture d'entreprise, Bien-être, Excellence by Jean-Charles Samuelian
Media : Decrypt •