Why do Web3 founders need to participate in IRL events ?

Marie Huynh
April 27, 2023

TOP 6 : reasons why Web3 founders should participate in IRL events ?

The advent of Web 3 has brought about new opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and technology enthusiasts. With innovations such as blockchain,  IoT, and smart contracts, Web 3 has the potential to transform industries and create new sources of value. However, to fully realize this potential, it is crucial for Web 3 stakeholders to build a strong community and a powerful brand image. This is where events come into play. In this article, we will explore why Web 3 events are important and how they can help Web 3 builders achieve their marketing goals, build strong networks, and inspire innovation.

Meeting new talents

IRL events are crucial to meeting new talents. Recruitment is a significant concern, and there is nothing better than human contact to discover potential recruits, identify the affinity and alignment of interests. Motivation and ambition are visible during an actual physical exchange.

Some events offer conferences and roundtables. These provide an opportunity to highlight the company's expertise in a specific field and attract talented individuals interested in that area.

In any case, participating in events provides the opportunity to meet potential candidates in person, discuss about their interests and skills, and determine if they could fit the company's needs and culture.

Launching business

Events, whether organizing them or participating in them, are a powerful tool for building one's image and reputation. They offer the opportunity to create a strong network, meet potential customers, present new products and services, and forge partnerships.

Over time, events strengthen existing relationships, increase the visibility and scope of the business, and can generate interest, curiosity, and enthusiasm among participants. They also provide unique opportunities, stimulate creativity and innovation, and create a sense of urgency that motivates people to take action.

Challenge ideas

Events are an excellent way for builders to challenge their ideas in multiple ways. By bringing together individuals with different perspectives, events can help challenge preconceived notions and stimulate critical thinking. Opportunities for exchange, whether through informal discussions, debates, or workshops, provide a chance to confront one's ideas with those of others, listen to different perspectives, and open the mind to new possibilities. Events also offer the opportunity to test ideas by presenting them to an audience and receiving direct feedback.

This can help identify weaknesses, find solutions to problems, and improve the idea as a whole. Additionally, events can provide new perspectives by introducing new trends, technologies, or practices that can inspire and enhance existing ideas. In all cases, an event can help challenge ideas by creating a stimulating environment that allows for the confrontation of ideas with others, testing hypotheses, and discovering new perspectives.

Educating oneself: learning about Web 3 concepts

Web3 events provide opportunities to learn more about the various concepts that fall within the Web 3 domain. They offer the chance to participate in conferences, roundtables, and workshops. Events may offer educational sessions led by Web 3 experts, covering different aspects of the domain and helping attendees learn more about required techniques or skills.

The ecosystem's events bring together professionals and enthusiasts, fostering high-quality interactions that lead to the discovery of new perspectives, questions, and discussions of related topics. Some Web3 events offer product, solution, or technology demonstrations, making it an excellent way to stay informed about what's happening in the field.

Finally, events encourage and provide opportunities for informal exchanges with other participants to answer questions, share knowledge, and learn from others' experiences. In all cases, events offer unique opportunities for learning, networking, and discovery about Web 3. By taking advantage of educational sessions and interactions with other participants and/or builders, attendees can enrich their understanding of the domain.


Organizing an in-person event for Web 3 is essential for marketing, as it allows for increasing the visibility of the organizer and their brand, creating engagement and loyalty within the community, generating content for social media, collecting data on the participants, and promoting new products or services.

Events attract people's attention and create buzz around the organizer, thereby strengthening the brand's notoriety and image. The highlights of the event provide opportunities to take photos, videos, and anecdotes to share on social media, while also offering the possibility of gathering valuable data on the participants. Lastly, events are a good opportunity to showcase new products or services to a quality audience.

Having fun: mixing usefulness and pleasure

Web3 events offer opportunities to learn and discover the latest blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies in an educational and fun way. They are interactive, allowing participants to ask questions to experts, and are conducive to networking with like-minded individuals.

The relaxed atmosphere promotes a pleasant experience that is less stressful than some more formal professional events. There's the possibility of earning rewards in cryptocurrency or tokens, which can be motivating.
In short, Web3 events offer a balance between work and pleasure.