What will you experience as a Be Twin Lines holder?

The Lezar House Team
November 23, 2022

Own your NFT with the complete set of IP rights granted to you on the associated unique Be Twin Lines models ⚖️
  • You have the exclusive right to hold, show, reproduce digitally or physically, sell, execute blockchain transactions involving the Be Twin Lines NFT you hold in your wallet.
  • You hold the right of exploitation relating to your Be Twin Lines NFT in your wallet through license from Lezar. The exploitation rights are defined as:
  1. Representation: the right of communication to the public of Your Be Twin Lines Art and their image and public performance in all places, physical and virtual;
  2. Reproduction: in particular the right to manufacture, publish, make available to the public on media intended for sale, rental, loan, grant a right of use, distribution, and this, in all forms, for all purposes, and on all media and configurations;
  3. Adaptation: you can make any modification or reworking of your Be Twin Lines art in the context of their reproduction and representation;
  4. Commercial use: You can use your Be Twin Lines Art directly for promotional or commercial purposes and adapt it with a view to the manufacture of 3D prints, games, toys, postcards, posters, stickers when necessary, without any limit.
Digital experience 🌐
  • Display your Be Twin Lines in the different specimens
  • Bring and show your Be Twin Lines in the Metaverse
  • Get access to social AR and VR experiences
  • Participate to Be Twin Lines exhibitions and private exhibitions
  • Giveaway BTL side collections that are only enjoyable in digital version and non printable. Nevertheless, each of them are of unique design that you can visualize in 3D and import into your metaverse.
Physical experience 🎨
  • Materialize your physical Be Twin Lines artwork through 3D printing in the different Specimens (at transparent Lezar producers costs only) and get it shipped at home;
  • The owner of all the 25 frames of the same second will have 3 free 3D print in 3 different Specimens of their choice;
  • Access to Be Twin Lines physical exhibitions and private events.
Get granted prioritized access & discounts to future curated drops by Lezar House on its platform Artos 💃
  • If you own Minimum 1 Be Twin Lines, you will be automatically whitelisted for the next drops of BTL;
  • If you own double BTL, you are granted 25% discount on future purchase of BTL;
  • If you own 5 NFTs from the Artos platform, you will be airdropped the forthcoming Lezar House membership NFT, and thus will be granted 20% discount on the future purchases on Artos;
  • If you keep your NFT at least until the launch of the physical experience, you get a 15% discount on your second and following prints.
Benefit from re-investment in the project 💰

+50% of the NFT sales are directly reinvested in the project and in the 3D printing ecosystem which are going to:

  • Finance the development of new specimens on the roadmap
  • Finance Tech-Art Innovation
  • Drive together the revolution of 3D printed Art by developing new applications and experiences for art and artists.
  • Enable the discount on physical print thanks to volume activity of Be Twin Lines sales : re-investment of royalties proceeds to lower the production cost
About Be Twin Lines:

As an innovative and unique NFT collection created by the BHIND collective, Be Twin Lines offers both a digital and a physical experience, with the possibility given to its holders to bring their 3D models in the metaverse, and materialize their pair into a physical sculpture through 3D printing, in 10 Specimens.