Meet Houda Leroy, COO at PyratzLabs

The Pyratz Team
September 21, 2022

Houda is a rare gem.

Having started her career in a big corporate office, Houda later joined the Ministry of Economy at Bercy in 2014, after which she had the opportunity to mark the beginning of her journey in the startup ecosystem as project manager in la French tech for 1 year.

In 2017, Houda joined Macron’s presidential campaign team as one of the earliest members in charge of mobilization of 3000+ local animators throughout French territory.

Yet, she hasn’t ceased to challenge herself - joined a tech startup in AI & Natural Language Processing later as Head of Sales for 2 years - and finally landed in web3 at PyratzLabs.

She joined PyratzLabs in March, 2022. At PyratzLabs, she’s in charge of Operations, ranging from event organizations to the management of startup programs to day-to-day logistics. Above all, Houda makes sure the alignment of each Pyratz to the same company purpose. In that sense, Houda has really been playing an irreplaceable role in our lives.

🥳 More fun facts:

⚡ Houda loves Yoga and meditation. “It allows me to step back and calm down after long hectic days”, as she says.

⚡ Houda loves to describe metaverse and especially, Dogamí to her kids 🐕

⚡…and Houda is searching for a dream avatar!