Press Release #1

The Pyratz Team
May 10, 2022
French Startup StudioPyratzLabs aims to be the reference for accelerating Web3 projects in Europe


PyratzLabs, the latest startup studio playerin the Web3 ecosystem, is ramping up its development.Based on a unique business model and some already renowned success stories, PyratzLabs seeks toproduce future European Web3 champions. Thestudio announces the opening of its 1000m2 offices, dedicated to Web3 entrepreneurs. This space allows them tomeet up, benefit from adapted coaching programs and receive advicefrom entrepreneurship and technology experts.Building on this concept, PyratzLabs raised €3 million among blue-chip investors.


PyratzLabs was founded in 2021 by three alumni ofprestigious French schools, passionate aboutentrepreneurship and innovation: Bilal El Alamy, fascinated by impact, mixesproduct vision and strategy to comeup with disruptive creative ideas; Maxime Sarthet is the brains behind the financial and social strategy;Thomas Binetruy, a young PhD with expertise incomputer science, handleseverything technical, and finally, JacquesLalo, designer specializing in creative projects with atechnological dimension. Having met during chats around blockchain technology, the main thread of their commonprojects, the founders of PyratzLabsquickly noticed that many obstacles hindered the development of Web3 startups in France.

Obviously, there are already some great successful companies, such as Ledger or Sorare,and investment funds are beginning to look closer at the Web3 ecosystem, but this is not enough. According to them, France clearly lacks support structures and physical workspaces for Web3 entrepreneurs. The ecosystem is still in itsinfancy and may sometimes feel too virtual.

Hence, PyratzLabs decidedto create a physical hub dedicated to tech buildersand stakeholders.The result isthe opening of a space spanning 1000m2 in Paris welcoming key actors from the Gaming and DeFi industriesin order to build and finance the ecosystem. Asimple model was implemented to select the most promisingentrepreneurs and empowerthem to sharpen their views and successfully develop their product.

"Web3 allows for new consumption methods thatare currently blooming, especially in Paris whichmight become the European capital. However, a whole generation was stillmissing a platform grantingthem access to values and advanced technologies required to have the mostpositive impact and reach as many peopleas possible. PyratzLabs' mission is simple:guiding and facilitating." explains Bilal El Alamy,President and Co-founder of PyratzLabs.

Pyratzlabs’ quest of fostering Web3 adoption has led it to invest in several initiatives offering the general public the opportunity todiscover the world of NFTs. These include the NFT Factory in Paris and Lezar House in Barcelona, a creative andtechnological laboratory for artists who want to get startedin NFTs.


PyratzLabs can already count several success storiesresulting from its technical advisory, suchas the development of Dogami’s platform, which raised €6 million in seedfunding, or even Smartlink, whichraised €3 million. The Startup Studio seeks to empower other gems quickly, and to allow new projectinitiators to benefit from a strategy directly inspired from the methodologies acquired during previoussuccesses.

To meet these ambitions, PyratzLabs has raised moneyamong a group of international investorsechoing their ambitions. Tech & Web3 investors, such as the SandBox, AnimocaBrands as well as other family officesand corporates, have all offeredto bring their views and values. Among them are names like Jonathan Cherki(Content Square), AniceChlagou (Letus Private Office) or Julien Pageaud(Sparkle Ventures).

"By adopting a multi-startup creation modelaround a team of experts, PyratzLabs is uniquely positioned to grow its modelunder a venturestudio and to become the Y Combinator of Web3. We want PyratzLabs to actively supportthe creation of Web3 startupsin Europe by leveraging on its expertise and its recent success." comments Julien Pageaud, one of PyratzLabs' investors.

"This is a great way to gain exposure to adiversified portfolio with new liquidity scenarios offered by the tokens acquired along the way," commented Anice Chlagou, Founder and Managing Director of Letus Private Office.

Six new startupshave recently joinedPyratzLabs, all of them seekingto become future global champions and already collaborating witheach other to create virtuous economic synergies. Web3 entrepreneurs wishing to scale up their projects: you’reinvited to join the PyratzLabs community!