Meet Yanis Mekhfi, Investment Analyst at PyratzLabs

The Pyratz Team
March 10, 2023

Introducing Yanis Mekhfi, Investment Analyst at PyratzLabs. Joined PyratzLabs in December 2022 !

Are you also a young person looking to start a professional journey in the Web3? You’ll find the adventure of Yanis inspiring! Discover here

Yanis started his journey in crypto in March 2020 during the Covid 19 pandemic and it has been a rollarcoaster since then. In the beginning, he was trading Bitcoin and Ethereum without a specific strategy which meant he missed out on the maximization of profits, but it was also thanks to this period that he was continuously learning and growing and that he discovered his passion for crypto and blockchain technologies. In addition, his educational background in economics and management helped him to jump start the adventure.

Yanis has always been a person that learns from his past experiences and he is never afraid to iterate. So after missing out the boom of Binance Smart Chain, Yanis decided to become an OG on Elrond (now MultiversX). He also started to create content on his Twitter account, yame3_, to be more involved in Web3 in another way than just investing and speculating. Yanis's account quickly grew to 1.2k followers, thanks to high-quality educational content, top analyses, and tutorials on topics such as "how to spot a nice project" and "top projects on Elrond." Yanis is also a true entrepreneur at heart despite his young age. By talking to people in Discord, he got to know a founder who wanted to launch a risk-to-earn game on Avalanche. Yanis decided to join the team and since then he contributed to various dimensions: whitepaper writing, moderation on discord, competitors benchmark, marketing plans, etc. In the beginning of 2022, Yanis also created his own NFT project on Elrond, a scholarship guild based on NFTs around the pirate universe.

He has put in tremendous efforts to make the project work by taking the lead on hiring (graphic designers, artists, developers), strategy and utility development, marketing plan, artistic direction, among other dimensions.

Yanis is until today super thankful for this experience although the project unfortunately didn’t take off with the Luna crash in May 2022. “I’ve always thought you need to be super talented to work in the blockchain. But this experience taught me that, yes I can make things happen step by step. I now want to help this ecosystem to develop more rapidly by financing and helping Web3 projects, drawing as much as possible on the experience of their founders, both in success and in failure." as said Yanis. This passion and conviction then led Yanis to self-navigate through the young professional world of Web3. As part of The Big Whale private discord with founder subscription, Yanis connected with Victor Charpiat, and then joined Kolat as CEO Right Hand.  During these months, Yanis further honed his skills in strategy, financing, and marketing. In December 2022, Yanis finally joined PyratzLabs as Investment Analyst working alongside our Chief Investment Officer, Alexandre Karako.

Yanis’ main responsibility at PyratzLabs is to score every project that applies to join the Pyratz ecosystem. For some additional context, in the deal flow process of Pyratz, every project needs to be scored in the initial round, and if the score is above a certain threshold, Yanis sends it to @Alexandre Karako for further evaluation and interviews which they work on together.Impressive number: since December, Yanis has already scored over 100 projects from various parts of the world, including France, India, US, UK, and many other countries.

In addition, Yanis is also involved in content production thanks to his experience in DeFi and tokenomics. So please expect some high quality articles written by Yanis soon!

🥳 More fun facts :

⚡️ Since his entering of the crypto space in March 2020, Yanis only stepped back for 2 months during the summer of 2021. And unfortunately… it was the big boom of NFTs!

⚡️ Luckily Yanis came back in September to pursue his crypto journey when it’s not too late

⚡️ The NFTs that Yanis were designing with his team for the risk-to-earn project were Pirates PFPs ! At the same time, Yanis discovered the name of PyratzLabs for the first time when he was researching financing opportunities for his project 1 year ago. So maybe not a surprise when Yanis finally landed in PyratzLabs and became part of our “piraterie”