Meet William Bailey: Co-Founder & CEO at Bolero

Peiyao Qiu
October 17, 2023

GM frens, ever curious about founders from the Pyratz startup ecosystem? Today please meet William Bailey, co-founder & CEO of Bolero.

The music industry is an ever evolving one; from the way songs were made, distributed, monetized, marketed and even listened to, you’d agree that it has come a long way.

✨ Then:

Graduated in Innovation and Management of Technologies at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, William envisioned Bolero in contact with the hip-hop and electronic scene in 2020 to address the economic challenges of the industry while democratizing a new investment vehicle.

William made his Tech debut as a Product Manager for a conversational AI SaaS from 2017 to 2020, then he joined forces with Arthur Amon, his co-founder met during a coding bootcamp at Le Wagon.

✨ Now:

Bolero was born in 2021 to allow anyone to invest in music, and put together their own music catalogue by investing in tokenized music rights.

They successfully developed and tested a first innovative system before structuring the team, closing a €1M financing round and deploying the platform in several territories.

With more than 50 artists in the catalogue, present in Europe, MENA and Africa, Bolero is recognized as one of the major players in web 3.0 applied to music.

About Challenges:

"I'd say the biggest challenge is having a clear vision and target, but facing dozens of ways to execute it. You can never be entirely certain about your first product iteration's ability to scale to a larger market. It typically begins with early adopters and niche customers, but at some point, you'll need to iterate on your entire product to ensure that when you're ready to address thousands of customers, the value proposition is the sharpest it has ever been." - William Bailey, CEO at Bolero

😎 Get to know William a bit more:

HipHop or Techno?


Guitar or Piano?


Vinyl records or Streaming music?

Vinyl records.

Sales and marketing or Product Development?


Risk-taking or calculated risk?


Innovate or imitate?


Work-life balance or Hustle 24/7?

Work-life balance.

Scaling fast or steady growth?

Scaling fast.

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