Meet Victor Binetruy, Product Manager at PyratzLabs

The Pyratz Team
November 21, 2022

Introducing Victor Binetruy, Product Manager PyratzLabs! Joined PyratzLabs in July, 2021!

Since his graduation from Bryant University in the USA with a bachelor’s degree in Finance, Victor has been building products with his friends and his older brother, Thomas Binetruy. The first product that Victor built together with Thomas was called MASAS (”make a sound and share”), a decentralized radio with an innovative feature to help independent artists put their music out there. After many years of building products, Victor was then hired by Bilal El Alamy as product owner for Bilal’s new tokenization startup, Equisafe. Finally, in 2021, Victor joined Bilal and Thomas again as the product manager of PyratzLabs.

At PyratzLabs, Victor is the product owner and product manager of the startups that we accelerate in order to shape the products from conception to delivery and maintenance. Victor also trains new product owners and product managers until they’re ready to take over the workflow - and that’s when Victor moves on to the next product!

🥳 More fun facts:

⚡️Victor built 7 products in 6 years, ranging from gaming to art, from music to finance and AR.

⚡️Having grown up in Kazakhstan, Victor absolutely loves to ski and snowboard!