Meet Simon Valloire, Legal Officer at PyratzLabs

The Pyratz Team
October 28, 2022

Introducing Simon Valloire, Legal Officer PyratzLabs!

Joined PyratzLabs in March, 2022!

After completing his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Simon decided to go for Master Degree in law study at Universite de Lorraine, specialized in Intellectual Property and Information Technology. Why law study? “I hate to play a game without knowing the rules and law is similar to the rules of society,” as explained by Simon.

During his studies, Simon worked as a parliamentary assistant in Assemblée Nationale. He also presided the national student association during his gap year managing more than 20 people and contributing to the construction of several Higher Education laws in France. Simon has been passionate about crypto for years and could not see him working in another field after his graduation. Therefore, after meeting Maxime Sarthet through common friends, he instantly desired to join PyratzLabs.

Simon Valloire is now Legal Officer of PyratzLabs. In more concrete terms, Simon handles the whole legal aspect of the company, from internal matters to working with incubated startups. Simon’s expertise in contract writing, negotiation, company creation, and intellectual property protection makes him a real valuable asset for the whole Pyratzlabs ecosystem.

🥳 More fun facts:

⚡️Simon is an Elrond Network enthusiast and an OG investor in Aquaverse: The NFT that cleans the sea.

⚡️He introduced the Co-Founders of Aquaverse, Dolian Barkallah and Noël Esnault to PyratzLabs, which led to an insightful episode of AMA that you can find here:

⚡️Simon is curious by nature and loves to help people. “I want to understand what everyone is doing and learn everything!”