Meet Pierre Redier, UX/UI Designer at PyratzLabs

The Pyratz Team
February 8, 2023

Introducing Pierre Redier, UX / UI Designer at PyratzLabs ! Joined PyratzLabs in Sept, 2022!

Pierre has an absolute passion for everything related to design. From crafting thumbnails for his small YouTube channel at a young age to specializing in graphic design studies at a later stage, from investigating manga drawings in his free time to testing different designs of vinyl covers, Pierre has been on a journey to hone his design skills for the past 6 years.

Pierre is also a real fast-learner who has an open-mind and natural curiosity. In the beginning, he didn’t know much about crypto but that didn't stop him from diving headfirst into the world of blockchain. When he joined Equisafe 3 years ago as a product designer, he had to learn all the basics of Web3 and blockchain on the fly, but his passion for the technology enabled him to quickly absorb new information and master the skills needed for the job.

Pierre has been really thankful for his time at Equisafe. He not only gained a wealth of knowledge about blockchain, but also made significant strides in areas such as wireframing, branding, prototyping, and creating a global design system. Naturally, when he arrived in PyratzLabs half a year ago, he brought with him a wealth of designer knowledge and a passion for everything crypto-related.

At PyratzLabs
, Pierre is a versatile UX/UI designer, working on a wide range of projects in various domains such as art, racing, education, social, and gaming. He enjoys this diversity as it allows him to bring his creativity to so many different areas.

In addition, Pierre finds it particularly exciting to work with his talented teammate Hugo Canis and the Chief Designer Officer of PyratzLabs Jacques Lalo. Pierre and Hugo have been an excellent duo under the leadership of Jacques : Hugo is particularly good at methodologies while Pierre brings more the artistic vision to the table.

🥳More fun facts:

⚡️Pierre finds Web3 fascinating thanks to the extent of creative freedom allowed. “At PyratzLabs, I can finally unleash my imagination and creativity and bring them into life”, as says Pierre.

⚡️Pierre has self-taught sound engineering and is a big fan of rap!

⚡️Pierre also loves extreme sports such as wakeboarding.