Meet Thomas Binetruy, Co-founder and CTO at PyratzLabs

The Pyratz Team
September 29, 2022

Born in Egypt, Thomas grew up all around the world. He discovered programming in Kazakhstan, where he lived for five years. Very passionate about sciences, he studied aeronautical engineering in the U.S. before returning in France for master degree in engineering. After having worked for major defense contractors in simulation, Thomas decided to freelance as a full stack developer. He and Bilal have been good friends for many years, and when Bilal launched Equisafe, Thomas freelanced to help develop smart contracts while finishing up his Master degree in machine learning.

At Pyratzlabs, Thomas supervises all technical development, from recruitment to strategic decisions. He helps portfolio startups get up to speed. For example, he has led the Dogamí and Smartlink technical teams, by setting up project foundations and helping with recruitment so that these companies became independent at a later stage. Thomas also supervises the development of open source tools and frameworks used internally at Pyratzlabs, namely Pymich, a smart contract language for Tezos and Djwebdapp, a smart contract backend.

🥳 More fun facts:

⚡ Over 30 years, Thomas has lived for at least a year in 18 different houses and apartments across 5 countries and 8 cities.

⚡ Always feel better when he types from Emacs (in Evil mode of course ;))

⚡ Proud BÉPO keyboard layout user!