Meet Nicolas Buchet, Front-end Developer at PyratzLabs

The Pyratz Team
December 26, 2022

Introducing Nicolas Buchet, Front-end Developer at PyratzLabs! Joined PyratzLabs in Aug 2021!

4 years ago, after realizing that his true love is in computer science rather than chemistry (in which he was specializing at the beginning of his university study), Nicolas quickly made the decision to change his major. He then followed the track of Computer Science and Mathematics from bachelor degree in University of Montpellier to master degree in Epitech.

During these years, Nicolas had the opportunity to dive into a range of different subjects: AI, mobile development, web development… and the list goes on! This has certainly helped him after landing in PyratzLabs initially as an intern: although Nicolas had never worked on blockchain projects before, he quickly adapted his knowledge base and started to make valuable contributions

Just like many other people at PyratzLabs, Nicolas has worked on a range of different projects ever since he joined the company. From Vortex, ArtOs, to the marketplace of Dogami, Nicolas has always been a quick learner despite his young age.

Nowadays, Nicolas is mainly focusing on the front-end development of Securd with the team of DeFi Labs led by Mohamed Frihat and Anthony Hayot. Together, they’re building a protocol aiming at democratizing the use of DeFi for retail through simple UX and efficient risk allocation.

🥳 More fun facts:

⚡️Having joined PyratzLabs in August 2021, Nicolas is a real OG Pyratz!

⚡️Nicolas can solve a Rubik’s cube in less than 15 seconds… but Nicolas is not able to read time on a analog clock. He has struggled with it ever since his earliest years of school

⚡️Nicolas loves Sports and he’s really good at handball

⚡️Bilal met Nicolas in a forum about Sorare. Nicolas was noticed quickly because he posted a message saying: “If you want to build a mobile app, i can help!”