Meet Nathan Benamou, Blockchain Developer at PyratzLabs

The Pyratz Team
November 7, 2022

Introducing Nathan Benamou, Blockchain Developer at PyratzLabs! Joined PyratzLabs in June, 2021!

‍After the Baccalaureate, Nathan wanted to travel and discover a new culture. He was curious about Israel so he decided to go there to pursue a bachelor degree study in software engineering in Technion University, specializing in machine learning.

Nathan had always heard about cryptocurrencies but never invested in it until he bought his first crypto $XLM, which is the token of Stellar blockchain. Immediately, he felt into the rabbit role: he researched Bitcoin, Ethereum and discovered the world of smart contracts. His study in software engineering also helped him a lot when he taught himself how to code with Solidity at night.

After graduation, Nathan came back to France and decided to pursue a career in the blockchain industry instead of in the machine learning sector. Thanks to introduction from Naomie Halioua, who was an intern at the DeFi Lab of Pyratz at that time, Nathan got into contact with Houda and finally landed in PyratzLabs as a blockchain developer.

At PyratzLabs, Nathan develops smart contracts for EVM blockchains and Tezos. His main focus is on DeFi projects, but he also offers consulting and smart contract development services to startups in the PyratzLabs ecosystem.

🥳 More Fun Facts:

⚡️Nathan discovered $XLM by swiping on Revolut. He bought it just before the bull run in 2020 and experienced the huge pump that led him to deep dive into the blockchain technologies.