Meet Minyoung J., Front-end developer at PyratzLabs

The Pyratz Team
February 8, 2023

Introducing Minyoung J., Front-end developer at PyratzLabs ! Joined PyratzLabs in January, 2023 !

The life of Minyoung has been a true adventure. Born in South Korea, Minyoung went to Japan for university study in international law. She then came to the understanding that she did not want to become a lawyer: it was simply not her true passion despite the fact that she liked the study. Instead, Minyoung has always been a creative person and is interested in design, so after graduation, she started working as a UX/UI designer in Japan for 4 years.

During this period, Minyoung discovered her passion for pastry. As an adventurer, she decided to pursue this passion by moving to France to learn the craft and worked as a patissière for another 4 years. These years were filled with joy as Minyoung had the opportunity to work with one of the top French patissiers in Michelin-starred restaurant, palace, and 5-star hotel.

COVID-19 presented new opportunities for Minyoung as she non only completed a full-stack developer training during this time, but also discovered and invested in the Dogamí project. Thanks to Bilal EL ALAMY’s support, Minyoung gained the opportunity of contributing to Dogamí, a project that she truly loved. An experience that she now brings to PyratzLabs.

At PyratzLabs
, Minyoung mainly focuses on the front-end development of ArtOs, NFT Platform focused on digital-to-physical art and Clean IP, and Securd Finance, DeFi protocol aiming at democratizing the use of DeFi in retail through simple UX and efficient risk allocation. Minyoung really enjoys her time at PyratzLabs, as she feels she is learning a lot from her colleagues Nicolas Buchet and Baptiste Roubieu.

🥳 More fun facts:

⚡️Minyoung loves collecting LEGOs!

⚡️Minyoung is learning longboard and am looking for a partner to practice with!

⚡️Minyoung is also a master scuba diver and has been exploring boxing for a while.