Meet Maxime Sarthet, Co-Founder and Managing Director at PyratzLabs

The Pyratz Team
October 10, 2022

Maxime is Co-founder and Managing Director @PyratzLabs since May, 2021

‍With a true passion for gaming and esports, Maxime is the kind of guy that created multiple World of Warcraft servers by himself at an early time of adulthood, which he later sold to create Gamers Origins. After gathering 6 years of experience leading financial and administration at GO, Maxime decided to go to ESCP for MBA in corporate strategy. There, he met Bilal who was teaching the blockchain lectures as well as leading the development of Equisafe as CEO. Since then, Maxime and Bilal became partners at Equisafe: Maxime was leading the regulatory, finance and administration teams and managing client relationships.

At PyratzLabs, Maxime is leveraging his previous experience in finance and customer success to structure the corporate & the fundraising of the ecosystem companies, using Equisafe as a tool. Therefore, he leads the administration, finance and organization Dept. to turn PyratzLabs a home for the Pyratz portfolio companies. He initiated the company with Bilal since Day 1 to build the Y Combinator for crypto companies.

🥳 More fun facts:

⚡ Maxime visits the neighbor office of Gamers Origins every week to watch e-sport tournaments.

⚡ Maxime’s passion for parties led him to discover the concept of Billy, the event ticketing solution leveraging blockchain technologies and now also accelerated by PyratzLabs.

⚡ For twice a year, Maxime takes his backpack and go hiking.