Meet Matthis Herbrecht, Financial Analyst at PyratzLabs

The Pyratz Team
February 14, 2023

Introducing Matthis Herbrecht, Financial Analyst at PyratzLabs! Joined PyratzLabs in September 2022.

You might wonder
, how do young people start exploring the world of crypto?  Discover the journey of Matthis !

Matthis was introduced to the crypto space by his big brother. At the age of 17, Matthis received the ultimate birthday present - a My Ether Wallet (MEW) charged with a small amount of Eth, and this was the start of his crypto adventure. Matthis had already shown an interest in trading and financial markets before diving into the world of crypto. The annoying part? Due to his young age, he couldn’t trade properly in the traditional financial markets.

So it was almost natural for Matthis to get deeper and deeper in crypto, as you have no restrictions here: no KYC, nothing. Thanks to this passion, Matthis also began to write articles for Coin Academy and Cointribune, focusing on technical analysis of trading and DeFi.

What's Matthis' favorite coin ? No surprise here, it's $Eth! But he's not just a one-coin kind of guy, he also likes to mix it up with some L2 tokens like Arbitrum and ZK rollups (Non Financial Advice). And let's not forget Solana, Matthis thinks the DApps on it are top-notch. When asked about his favorite aspect of crypto, Matthis would say DeFi and tokenomics for two main reasons. First, he’s always eager to explore new things, and the pace of evolution in DeFi means infinite opportunities for discovery. Second, he loves taking traditional financial concepts and bridging them with the advantages offered by Web3 such as decentralization and community governance.

1 year ago, Matthis came across the name of PyratzLabs thanks to Simon Valloire, Legal Officer of the company, whom he met in a tight-knit alpha group of twenty-ish people. Matthis was immediately drawn to the opportunity to combine his financial and DeFi skills, as well as learn more about tokenomics.

, at PyratzLabs, Matthis is focused on maintaining financial control within the company. He works closely with Maxime Sarthet and Wael Ismail, to track the expenses and revenue generated by each team. He also offers consulting services to Pyratz clients on Tokenomics, working alongside @Alexandre Karako, Chief Investment Officer of the Pyratz.

🥳More fun facts:

⚡️Matthis hardly ever takes elevator. So don’t be surprised if you see Matthis rushing to the Pyratz office on the 4th floor each time by climbing stairs.

⚡️No beer for Matthis! He experimented with beer drinking for 2 years and finally gave up as beer is really not something he enjoys. On the other hand, his wine training has been pretty successful

⚡️Matthis is a huge fan of table tennis, he even participated in the national university table tennis competition previous

⚡️Matthis is even a bigger fan of esports! His favorite video games ? Rocket League and League of Legends!