Meet Louis de Bonnecaze: Co-Founder & CEO at InterCellar

Peiyao Qiu
October 31, 2023

When Wine and Spirits meet blockchain technologies? GM Frens, today we invite you to meet Louis de Bonnecaze, Co-Founder and CEO at InterCellar, Wine and Spirits Web3 marketplace.

With Louis, we’re going to explore the perfect blend of tradition and innovation and discover his entrepreneurship journey.

✨ Then :

Louis is a chameleon entrepreneur, navigating between the worlds of Wine & Spirits and Tech./Web3.

While working as a fine wine merchant, in 2018 he created the first e-commerce to offer the purchase of luxury wines in cryptocurrencies.

In 2022, he launched Wine Bottle Club, a collection of NFT memberships, sold in 48 hours and bringing together a community of 2,000 buyers.

✨ Now :

Convinced of the practical applications of blockchain in the Wine & Spirits industry, he decided to connect brands/producers and consumers through the Marketplace.

The platform works with leading brands such as Château Smith Haut Lafitte, Champagne Carbon and Château Malartic Lagravière, and offers a unique user experience: the next-gen cellar.

Louis also supports major brands in their marketing transition to web3.

✨ Beyond :

Louis shares the same values of resilience and curiosity in his personal life.

He is passionate about sport fishing and the techniques used to lure the world's largest predatory fish.

He is an accomplished triathlete, with a personal record of 2:20 in an Olympic triathlon.

Louis has also achieved his goal of building a camper van himself, from scratch.

🍷 InterCellar :

Every bottle of wine & spirits purchased on InterCellar is paired with its digital twin, which can be exchanged, passed on or resold without the physical bottle leaving the warehouse.

The physical bottle can of course be claimed, while the digital twin is burn.

InterCellar's technology solves Industry issues:

➡B2B: visibility on sales, CRM, traceability, secondary market fees

➡B2C: secondary market liquidity, optimized storage and innovative UX

😎 Get to know Louis a bit more :

Beer or Wine ?


Whisky or Gin ?


Red wine or White wine ?

Red 😍🥩

Bordeaux or Rhone ?


Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc ?

Chardonnay 🙈

Sales and marketing or Product Development ?

Sales & Marketing!

Data-driven or Gut Feeling ?

Gut feeling 👃

Local market or global market ?

Glocal 😁

Risk-taking or calculated risk ?

Calculated risk 🤓

Innovation or adaptation ?


Work-life balance or Hustle 24/7 ?

Work-life balance for sure !

Discover InterCellar marketplace here.

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