Meet Kevin Serou: Founder & CEO at DEFIT

Peiyao Qiu
November 4, 2023

Get paid to Walk, Swim, Bike, Run ? 🤔 GM Frens, today we invite you to meet Kevin Serou, Founder and CEO at DEFIT, Web3 lifestyle app gamifying and valuing physical activities.

Let’s dive into Kevin’s entrepreneurship journey and uncover his life passions !

✨ Then:

Graduated with a Master in International Business Development, Kevin worked 11 years for a fortune500 company in the automotive industry. He worked his way up from being a trainee in Paris, in charge of export sales and marketing for North Africa, to Head of Product Management and Engineering for the Asia Pacific Region leading a team of over 80 employees across 6 countries from Singapore.

Through his 7 years expatriation in Asia, Kevin held various Senior Management roles and acquired a wide multicultural baggage as well as understanding how to scale global initiatives with “Go-Local” strategies.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, he knew however it was only a question of time, knowledge and experience, until he finally take a leap of faith and launch his own venture.

✨ Now :

In 2013, Kevin lost his mom at the age of 49 from a cardiovascular disease. His way to cope with it? Diving into the world of endurance sports. Kevin completed 16 Ironman and qualified for the World Championships in Nice in 2019.

He then decided to quit his job and founded DEFIT in 2021 to build the new generation of fitness apps. Launching the first ever “Move-to-Earn” token and building the leading web3 lifestyle app to gamify and value physical activity. In order to motivate people to move and fight physical inactivity worldwide.

✨ Beyond :

Kevin is a man on a mission. One he personally relates to. Cardiovascular diseases are the number 1 cause of deaths worldwide. It took the lives of 18M people last year and this number keeps on increasing. Our teenagers lost 25% of their cardiovascular capacities over the last 40 years and 500M people will develop Cardiovascular diseases in this decade. It is deadly and it is costly. 140B€ to the French economy every year (Source here.).

Kevin believes he can reverse the trend and create a new tokenized sport economy worldwide. Inspire the new generations to spend more time out there moving rather than behind their screens.

😎 Get to know Kevin a bit more :

Running or cycling?

Love cycling but running is easier to squeeze in my busy entrepreneur schedule.

Swimming or hiking?

Hiking, go and see the world from atop.

Gym or outdoor?

Outdoor 100%.

Morning workout or evening workout?

There’s some energy in the morning you can’t find any other time of the day. It’s like the world belongs to you while everyone else is sleeping.

Workout alone or with a buddy?

Lone wolf.

Solo or co-founder?


Protein shakes or beer?

Haha. Beer. You don’t need shakes if you eat well.

Sales and marketing or Product Development ?

Tough one. Started in marketing. Moved to Product. I built the product of my dreams with my team, can’t wait to go back to marketing and let the world knows.

Data-driven or Gut Feeling ?

Easy. Gut Feeling. Though I monitor data closely I’m a right brain kinda guy.

Local market or global market ?


Risk-taking or calculated risk ?


Work-life balance or Hustle 24/7 ?

I Hope my work-life balance comes back one day. Right now? Hustle mode.

Download DEFIT app on and start get rewarded for your fitness activities.

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