Meet Julien Wedeux, HR Manager at PyratzLabs

The Pyratz Team
March 10, 2023

Introducing Julien WEDEUX, HR Manager at PyratzLabs ! Joined PyratzLabs in September 2022.

Did you know Julien invested in #bitcoin as early as in 2013? Discover his journey below!

Julien is a huge crypto enthusiast and despite his young age, he’s already a true veteran in the industry! He loves sharing all sorts of awesome stuff about NFTs, crypto, blockchain, and the financial world on his Twitter account @LeGourmandNFT. Congrats to him for hitting the 2k follower milestone - it just goes to show how much people love his content!

And get this - not only does he rule the online world, but he's a total language genius too. Thanks to his bilingual talent in French and Spanish, he spent one year as moderator in the Dogami discord server to kick off his crypto career. Actually, he was recruited by Alexandre Richetin, Head of Growth at Dogamí. In this way, he also discovered PyratzLabs.

Julien is on a mission to spread the word about Web3 and bring it to the mainstream audience. He even bootstrapped his e-book named "The 26 tools and services most important in the Web3.0." To get all the insider info for his book, Julien hit the road and talked to tons of project founders. As an example, he once swung by the Kinetix office where Arthur Jacq, Head of Marketing and Communications of the company, showed him around the office and the ropes of the Kinetix 3D tech.

Nowadays, Julien is the HR Manager of PyratzLabs. He pursues this role to gain a deeper understanding of how a company operates, as well as to develop his skills in managing employee performance. Under the leadership of Anaïs L., Julien is not only responsible for HR activities inside of PyratzLabs, but also offers services to various start-ups in the Pyratz portfolio. His daily duties include structuring HR processes and managing administration items.

🥳 More fun facts :

⚡️ Julien’s favorite NFT collection is Nyolings, a PFP collection where your avatar gains additional unique traits after a certain period of staking.

⚡️ Julien is always curious about everything !

⚡️ Julien loves to play Ping-pong with Matthis Herbrecht and Nathan Benamou.