Meet Baptiste Roubieu, Lead Front-end Developer at PyratzLabs

The Pyratz Team
November 28, 2022

Introducing Baptiste Roubieu, Lead Front-end Developer at PyratzLabs! Joined PyratzLabs in Dec, 2021!

During his master's degree specialized in computer science at Epitech, Baptiste had the opportunity to go to California State University-Long Beach - College of Business. During this period, Baptiste worked as a freelancer at a startup studio and helped over 25 startups build their projects all the way from conception to the Beta / V1 stage. One of the most successful projects was an algorithm based solution that helps people reduce stress through music therapies. Together with the team, Baptiste also presented the project at CES Conference.

In 2020, as the Covid outbreak began, Baptiste moved back to France. He then started to work on his own project, a crypto exchange platform. Baptiste handled every aspect of the project by himself, ranging from the platform's design to the final product's release and maintenance.Baptiste heard about PyratzLabs through a recruiter. After a few calls, he quickly got along with Bilal El Alamy before landing in PyratzLabs as a front-end developer.

At PyratzLabs, Baptiste has been focusing on the front-end development of Dogami. In other words, Baptiste is in charge of developing and maintaining the whole UI while making sure the website interacts properly with the smart contracts.Baptiste has also been working on ArtOs since the early stages of the project. Together with Victor Binetruy, Nicholas Buchet and Ramy Jaiem, they integrated the smart contracts developed by Mohamed Frihat, Aharon Lando, and Thomas Binetruy into the very first version of ArtOs, which today is an NFT Minting platform focused on clean IP, granting artists a simple way to join the Web3 revolution.

🥳 More fun facts:

⚡️Baptiste is a big fan of MMA & Boxing. Baptiste has been practicing MMA for over 5 years!
⚡️Baptiste had his first step into Crypto in 2018 during the bear market. He invested in Bitcoin when Bitcoin was at $2,8k with all his Xmas money and never managed to get out of the rabbit hole again.