Meet Alexandre Karako, Head of Investments at PyratzLabs

The Pyratz Team
October 26, 2022
Introducing Alexandre Karako, Head of Investments at PyratzLabs!

💼 Starting his traditional corporate finance career in 2011, everything changed in 2017 when Alexandre became definitely convinced of the incoming disruption introduced by Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies. Hence, after 6 years in traditional finance (BNPP & PwC), he quit his job as a manager of PwC Transaction Services in 2018 to manage the first ICO boutique in France, @Psion Finance in synergy with a WEB3 investment fund, @Olymp Capital. He then met @Bilal El Alamy in 2019 and joined the STOs (Security Token Offering) adventure by becoming CFO of @Equisafe. In 2020, he founded a tokenomics advisory boutique, @arthenos, advising various web3 projects, including Dogami. Alexandre has always been fascinated by the quest of business models by start-ups, and is now obsessed with helping these new WEB3 companies / protocols in how to distribute value to investors through 3 supports: equity (if any), token and NFTs. All of them at the same time, representing a massive innovation in corporate finance.

🌟 At PyratzLabs, Alexandre is leveraging all his previous experience in order to select the most promising WEB3 start-ups / teams and help them succeed through PyratzLabs studio & accelerator advisory (tech, marketing, growth, finance, tokenomics, …). He will also be in charge of the ecosystem fundraising, leveraging the extensive investors network of PyratzLabs. In line with the WEB3 ethos, he also has the ambition to allow any investors to invest in PyratzLabs dealflow, through a decentralized co-investment fund, leveraging Equisafe & NFTs expertise.

🥳 More Fun facts:

⚡️Its first investment in crypto in 2017 was directly an ICO, not BTC! only bought a few ether and directly sent them to a smart contract for a mobile mined cryptocurrency project, that is still miraculously alive with a token still trading.

⚡️When Alexandre started to give some attention to start-ups in 2016, he participated for the first time in a “start-up weekend” & won the event helping the company “”.This company is now called [Indy]( & recently raised a 35m$ Serie B. Beginner’s luck?

⚡️ Whereas he is only 34, Alexandre sometimes feels like a dinosaur, talking like an old veteran guy. The “magic” of working in a crypto industry ruled by gen Z?

⚡️Alexandre opened a crypto wallet for his little sun / son Helios instead of a bank account