Meet Aharon Lando, Senior Blockchain Developer at PyratzLabs

The Pyratz Team
December 19, 2022

Introducing Aharon Lando, Senior Blockchain Developer at PyratzLabs , Joined PyratzLabs in Nov, 2021!

After finishing his bachelor degree study in mechanical engineering in Jerusalem College of Engineering (Israel), Aharon realized mechanical engineering wasn’t the career that he wanted to pursue.
Therefore, Aharon went to Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and started research in quantum computing. Despite difficulties in finishing the study due to financial reasons and the hit of Covid around the world,
Aharon managed to hone his skills by taking online courses in software development until his name was heard by the CEO of Tezos Israel. This is how Aharon got the opportunity to work in Tezos Israel for 1 year where he learnt and taught blockchain development at the same time.
After his time in Tezos Israel, Aharon got an email from Bilal El Alamy and learnt about PyratzLabs. He was really passionate about joining PyratzLabs as he had heard about the work of Bilal thanks to Bilal’s engagement in the Tezos ecosystem and the venture of Equisafe that Bilal founded before Pyratz.
After a few interviews with Bilal and Thomas Binetruy, Aharon finally joined PyratzLabs as a blockchain developer.

At PyratzLabs, Aharon focuses on everything related to smart contract development. From ArtOs to Vortex, from Securd to Dogami and Billy, Aharon has therefore gathered extensive experiences in smart contract development for projects in different areas: gaming, art, NFT marketplace, DeFi protocol, and event ticketing solutions.

🥳 More fun facts:

⚡️It seems that Aharon is born with a talent in blockchain development: during his time at Tezos Israel, just after 2 months of learning Tezos Ligo development, Aharon was already teaching it to other developers.
⚡️After his journey in Tezos Israel, Aharon also got some offers from other blockchains including Terraform Labs, which crashed just a few months later. So luckily Aharon chose the Pyratz!