Market Insight 2022

Alexandre Karako, Chief Investment Officer
February 8, 2023

2022 was a blast for the PyratzLabs startup ecosystem! Our portfolio of 20+ startups raised 30+ million dollars and created over 100 job opportunities in the French Web3 landscape. We are thankful to our investor partners who have supported us throughout this journey and helped make it possible.

Are you an investor looking to invest in top quality Web3 startups? Then look no further, check out our investor deal form here ! Our portfolio includes GameFi, Education, Entertainment, FinTech & DeFi, Blockchain services as well as NFT Services.

We believe that by investing in these high-quality startups we can help them reach their full potential while at the same time creating more jobs within France's web 3 landscape. With your support, together we can continue to build upon what has already been accomplished so far and create even greater successes for PyratzLabs' startup ecosystem going forward into 2023!