How To Mint Be Twin Lines?

The Pyratz Team
October 16, 2022

How to mint Be Twin Lines

A guide with everything you need to know about the Be Twin Lines ambassador drop minting & how to prepare your mint on Lezar Artos Platform.

🔔 How many BTL will be minted for the ambassador drop?

111 NFTs (the first frame of each second of the BTL perfect dance)

🖌️Will there be public sale?

Depends on whether there’s any supply left after the first 2 rounds of Private Sale (Whitelist mandatory).

So make sure to apply for Whitelist if you haven’t :

🎫 How many tiers of Whitelist will there be?

2 tiers.

  • Tier 1: Guaranteed mint, offered to Be Twin Lines official ambassadors and friends.
  • Tier 2: Standard mint access. So be sure to mint early before we run out of supply.

💰 What price?

Equivalent of $300 USD. Price is subject to change during the next drop.

🌐 Where?

The Artos Platform, operated by Lezar House, subsidiary of PyratzLabs

Phase #1 Private Mint

BTL Ambassadors and friends, let’s go 🚀

You'll have Tier 1 Whitelist and you’ll be able to mint your BTL (guaranteed) on Oct 16 for 24h.

  • Make sure to check your inbox on Oct 13, all Tier 1 Whitelist confirmation will be sent out on that day.
  • Mint starting time: Oct 16 2pm CET
  • Ending time: Oct 17 2pm CET
  • 2 NFTs max per wallet.
  • This is guaranteed mint.
  • The mint link will be revealed on our twitter, discord, and in your email inbox.

Phase #2 Private Mint

Open to both Tier 1 and Tier 2 Whitelist holders. You’ll be able to mint your BTL on Oct 17 for 48h.

  • Make sure to check BHIND twitter, Lezar discord, and your inbox on Oct 17, all entry confirmations will be sent out on Oct 17 4pm CET.
  • Mint starting time: Oct 17 5pm CET
  • Ending time: Oct 19 5pm CET
  • No limit on number of NFTs per wallet.
  • This is NOT guaranteed mint. So make sure to check the mint page early.

Phase #3 Public Mint

If there’re still a few Be Twin Lines left after the Phase #2 mint, we’ll organize an additional Public Sale on Oct 20 for 72h.

First come, first served.

  • Note there’s no guarantee that the Public Sale will take place.
  • If the Public Sale takes place, it’ll be open to anyone, with no limit on number of NFTs per wallet.
  • Mint starting time: Oct 20 2pm CET
  • Ending time: Oct 23 2pm CET
  • The mint link will be revealed on our twitter, discord, and in your email inbox.

🚨 Reminder: never click on a link sent via twitter DM.

Now you have everything you need about the minting of Be Twin Lines ambassador drop. Not yet familiar with Tezos? Luckily, the Artos platform makes everything simple: you can mint with both Fiat & Crypto as you wish.

If you mint with Fiat…

Go to the collection page, select the NFT that you want to purchase, and click “Buy” button. You’ll be prompt to put in a few information and purchase directly with credit card. Here’s an example with the “Jean-Pierre Cassigneul” Collection also on Artos platform:

You’ll be able to choose which frame you would like to purchase specifically. First come, first served.

If you mint with Crypto…

1 — Make sure you have a Tezos Wallet

Tezos has multiple wallet options: Temple, Kukai, AirGap, Umami, Spire, Galleon etc…

If you already have a Tezos wallet, you can log into Artos platform using the Beacon option. Your fund in your wallet will be automatically synced to your Artos platform.

In case this is helpful, you can also find here a Temple wallet guide.

If you don’t yet have a Tezos wallet, you can create a Tezos wallet on Artos using your email within 3 seconds.

2 — Buy XTZ (Tezos Tokens)

If you don’t already have (enough) XTZ at your disposal, you will have to purchase some XTZ. You have 2 options:

Option 1: On Artos (via MoonPay).

Click the “Add fund button” and pay with Fiat. Make sure you buy enough XTZ to cover the mint fees as well (approx. 0,01$).

Note the Fiat to XTZ conversion in this scenario will be done through Moon Pay.

Option 2: On an exchange

You can purchase your desired amount of XTZ on one of these exchanges:

Central Exchanges: Binance, Coinbase, Huobi,, Kucoin

Decentralized Exchanges: Vortex (Smartlink), Quipuswap

Mobile wallet with purchasing function: Trust Wallet

Register on your preferred exchange and buy the amount of Tezos tokens (XTZ) you need at your disposal. You will then need to send your XTZ to your Tezos “tz” wallet.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are sending the XTZ to the correct wallet address.

Congrats! You are now a proud XTZ owner on Artos minting platform!

3 — Mint

Follow the same process as minting in Fiat, you just need to select “Buy with XTZ” instead of “Buy”.

And that’s it!

If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact @BHIND_BTL on twitter or, it’s our pleasure to answer any questions you have.

About Be Twin Lines:

As an innovative and unique NFT collection created by the BHIND collective, Be Twin Lines offers both a digital and a physical experience, with the possibility given to its holders to bring their 3D models in the metaverse, and materialize their pair into a physical sculpture through 3D printing, in 10 Specimens.