Bubblemaps joining the Pyratz Startup ecosystem

The Pyratz Team
November 24, 2022

We're proud to welcome Bubblemaps joining the Pyratz Startup ecosystem!

Bubblemaps, empowering the data visualisation diagram below, is a big actor in the DeFi landscape. It aims at providing simple and innovative solutions to visualize on-chain data and make it more accessible to users.

Visualizing on-chain data and extracting strategic elements from it has been a growing issue in the Web 3.0 world, especially from an accessibility perspective - this is the problem that Bubblemaps will solve.

In more concrete words, access to the data provided by Bubblemaps will enable users to have a complete and easy-to-understand overview of the issues and strategic elements concerning an NFT collection or a cryptocurrency.

PyratzLabs will notably advise Bubblemaps on: 

  • Financial strategy (“CFO as a service” exclusively offered to our portfolio)
  • Introductions to our network for strategic partnerships & fundraising
  • Constant feedback from our experts in tech, marketing / growth, tokenomics & our DeFi labs
  • Synergies with our diversified portfolio of 20+ WEB3 companies

«FTX failure reminds us once again why decentralization through DeFi is key for our economy to improve trust & reliability in our financial system. Hence, we are very excited to help Bubblemaps accelerate the DeFi adoption, with their unique solution making on-chain data analytics easier through innovative visualization. We are confident that their solution, already embraced by the DeFi community (500k+ users), is an excellent alternative to current complex block explorers like Etherscan, and will be used by both businesses & consumers that need quick, visual & reliable information on projects tokens & NFTs»
Alexandre Karako, Head of investment, PyratzLabs.

«PyratzLabs has been extremely supportive so far, providing us with the legal foundations to create our French company. Their multi-level and comprehensive support will help us accelerate and focus on what matters most: our product. We are excited to partner with such a recognized force in the industry, and look forward to starting this exciting journey.»
Nicolas Vaiman, CEO, Bubblemaps

About PyratzLabs

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